Buying used Gold & Silver Bullion

Rukn al Khyber Gold TR LLC is the world’s largest Scrap Gold Buyers in Sharjah, UAE. Our Jewellery is situated in the illustrious Sharjah Gold Souq, the Hub of Gold. We offering the best rates for your old gold, diamond and silver jewellery that you want to sell. We also sell a wide range of both minted and cast Gold and Silver Bullion bars and coins. We only sell the purest and most prestigious items from the world’s highest quality refineries including PAMP and Emirates Gold.

Why Sell Gold?

In addition to being one of the UAE’s largest Scrap Gold Buyers we also offer market leading Buy Back rates for Gold and Silver Bullion products.

Why should I buy gold?

Gold can provide a stabilizing effect on investment portfolios in times of economic uncertainty and has long been used by investors as a way of protecting wealth..


Rukn al Khyber

Rukn Al Khyber Gold TR LLC – is a leading scrap gold buyers in Sharjah, Dubai, UAE, we guarantee the best prices for your old (used) gold, Diamond and Silver. For any help for sell your gold in Sharjah, Dubai, UAE pls feel free to get in touch with us.

Gold is secure investment

Gold is one of the most high value and secure investments you can make. Best prices available anywhere. Highest quality 999.9 Bullion. 10 tola bars in stock. Unrivalled customer service. 100% Buy Back guarantee. A large range of bullion bars from 1 gram to 1 kg always in stock. So if you are looking to make a secure investment, or pick up a unique and rare item to add to your collection, rukn al khyber Jewellery can provide you with the most unique, beautiful and high quality bullion and coins in the world.

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